At the end of my intern teaching program we had a "Choice Project" in which we designed our own inquiry cycle with the goal of developing a more equitable teaching practice. I chose to focus on student-facing grading criteria as a way to combat my own biases and assumptions and make my expectations clearer to students.

I created a final presentation in Snap for the class to engage with on my laptop while I walked around to hear about their projects.

I don't recommend this on mobile.

There's definitely some specific documents and language in the presentation that were based on the work we had done together as classmates. I won't delve into this except to say PTAR stands for Plan - Teach - Analyze - Reflect which is a version of the inquiry cycle our program was heavily based on.

The program is a little goofy, pretty spare (to limit my coding), and easily broken. I wanted it to be personal and fun while also explaining the project I undertook and the reasoning behind it.